Notice Board:

SAPMA disassociates itself from Wondercoat Wall & Coatings who are not a member of SAPMA.


Currently there are 22 members in directory

1st Class Coatings (Pty) Ltd
Asymtotic Trading CC
Benchmark Holdings
Dynamic Spray & Coatings
Jondec c.c.
KGBW (Pty) Ltd
LB Contractors
Lemay Painting & Renovations
Oratilwe SP Developments
PaintMaster SA (Pty) Ltd t/a SVW Painting & Waterproofing
Pro Air Paint Contractors
Radon Painting & Renovations
RCM Cape Solutions
Regal Products c.c.
Revamp-It Wall & Roof Coatings
Shaka Industris (Pty) Ltd
Spray & Paint (Panick Control)
Stella The Paint Fella
Transforce International Africa
Teplo-Hol Insulation
VAAL Professional Painting and waterproofing company (pty) ltd