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01 Jul 2018
SAPMA annual general meetings will, from next year, have one significant change: Terry Ashmore will not be in the chair.
The highly-respected SAPMA stalwart has, after eight years of loyal service in what he calls an admiral-capacity, decided to call it a day. In his final Chairman’s Report, Terry took leave of his beloved association:
“It has been a great honour and privilege to serve and protect this industry but it’s now time for me to hand over the reins. Well over 50 years ago, I began my career in this industry as a humble lab assistant with great ambitions of changing the world. Well that didn’t happen. But along the way - thanks to SAPMA - I did discover that I could have some influence in the ‘World of Paint and Coatings’.
“Dedication - no matter what position one holds in a company - and tackling challenges with enthusiasm, is my secret to success. Let principles and ethics be your guidelines while honouring the SAPMA Code of Conduct.
“If this industry has been good to you, consider giving something back: get more involved in SAPMA and SAPITI – you’dl be surprised how spiritually rewarding it will be.
“I will never totally walk away from SAPMA and the many friends that I have made over the years. I carry my Honorary Membership with great pride and will continue to serve this Industry wherever I can add value.
“I am so grateful to Deryck Spence for accepting the position of SAPMA Executive Director - although I am not sure he was fully aware of the consequences at that time. Deryck is a real mixture of bulldog and terrier - when he gets his teeth into a project he does not let go! Deryck has been the Captain of the SAPMA /SAPITI ship for the last eight years with my position more like an Admiral - watching progress through binoculars from the shore. The entire SAPMA team is enthusiastic, energetic and an absolute credit to our industry. I thank each one for making my position sustainable,” Terry added to tumultuous applause.
Many tributes to Terry’s years of selfless devotion were paid at the AGM, with new chairperson, Aggie Argyrou, and Deryck Spence prominent in their praise of the paint industry’s pillar of strength who will remain on the SAPMA Executive Committee.
SAPMA wishes Terry decades of happiness as he now has a little more time to pursue one of his passionate pastimes: travel. Bon Voyage, Admiral!