Training & Education

Training & Education


Our Rainbow Nation’s Most Colourful Industry

Coatings are the most admired and used to improve aesthetics of houses and buildings, yet most overlooked products. Our homes, offices factories and public buildings all benefit, both inside and outside, for durability and world class modern, researched-based innovative products of the decorative, industrial, powder coatings and inks industry.

Despite the 21st century being proclaimed the electronic age, yet life still depends on ink on paper for essential communication, information and entertainment.

The study programme is organised and run by the South African Paint Industry Training Institute (SAPITI) which is the training arm of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association; Incorporating Associated Industries (SAPMA).

SAPMA is the Trade Association for the surface coatings industry in South Africa and being in existence for over seventy years. It is open to membership to all segments of the Industry value chain including Manufacturers, Suppliers, Retailers and Painting Contractors.

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