Paint wise: Buy the right size

29 Jan 2016
We always buy too much paint for the job. Studies show that between 10% to 15% of paint bought by householders, remains unused at the end of the paint job. Just check our garages and storage sheds. How much of the excess paints ends up either in the garage or thrown in the garbage?


Collection and disposal of leftover paint is going to be expensive, and many local councils are already refusing to collect old paint or paint containers. . You can help by better estimating paint needs per project, which will minimize the amount of paint being sent to your local landfill.

When using paint for projects in and around your home, it is always best to purchase and use only what you will need for the job. A paint specialist or retailer can help you calculate the correct amount of paint needed for a specific project. Alternatively check THE PAINT USAGE CALCULATOR on the Earth Care web page.

Buying only what you need not only cuts down on the amount of leftover paint for storage, reuse or disposal, but it also saves you money!