Shared & Beliefs

SAPMA shall provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information with a strict adherence to ethical business practises and legal conduct.

The association shall serve as the industry’s chief representative and spokesperson before the government and public and shall act to influence matters that impact the industry from time to time.

The association shall constantly promote to strengthen the industry’s commitment to continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance, including packaging and the handling and transportation of hazardous goods.

To continuously advance and promote the theory and practise of paint technology in southern africa.

To foster and promote international co-operation and standards.

Liaise with the international trade administration commission (itac) to represent the industry’s view relating to tariffs and tariff classification.

The maintenance of personal protection system for manufacturing workers to assist members in discharging their duties in terms of the occupational safety and health act.

The association shall promote the paint and coatings industry’s substantial contributions to all aspects of society.



In pursuance of its strategic intent, the association shall:

  • Pursue policies that seek to improve the perception, reputation and standing of the industry before government and the general public.

  • Develop programmes that enhance the overall well-being of the industry and its members and not the specific competitive or economic interests of individual members.
  • To create a stronger and healthier industry by performing a role as a conduit for cooperative efforts among its members and the promotion of enhanced corporate responsibility for all industry participants.
  • To recognise our collective responsibilities to our customers and the public and will serve them with integrity by providing products and services beneficial to them and by using only accurate and fair statements about member company’s and their products.
  • By striving to promote, encourage and facilitate the green building philosophy in the south african property industry through market-based solutions through the auspices of the green building council of south africa.