Surface Coatings Employers' Association

Current Wage Agreement

Industrial Chemical Sector Addendum Substantive Agreement 1 July 2022 -June 2024

Substantive Agreement 1 July 2022/30 June 2024 between Participating Base Chemical, Specialty Chemicals, Surface Coatings, Fertilizer and Explosives Companies as listed and Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers' Union (CEPPWAWU), General Industries Workers' Union of South Africa (GIWUSA), SOLIDARITY & the South African Chemical Workers' Union (SACWU)

Industrial Chemicals Sector

Current Conditions of Employment 
The negotiated substantive conditions of employment, as detailed hereunder, are applicable to all employees
in the bargaining units as defined in existing company agreements of, or as applied in practice by, the
participating companies. It may also apply to those companies who were not part of the negotiation process
but who may subsequently agree to be covered by the agreed terms. Such companies should reach
agreement with the relevant unions prior to implementation of the terms of this agreement.
Conditions of Employment

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