Why Join?

The South African Paint Manufacturing Association; Incorporating Associated Industries (SAPMA) is the representative body for the South African R10 billion industry, supporting a R150 billion supply chain distribution network and supporting a workforce of 12,000.

The Association has over 200 members and over 680 retail outlet members.

The main benefits of membership include guidance on health, safety and environmental matters, guidance pertaining to the transport and hazardous goods, as well as the elimination of hazardous substances in the manufacturing processes e.g. Lead, Methanol etc. The opportunity to influence government on legislation and regulatory matters, industry statistics and to meet on matters of mutual concern within the industry.

In order to be eligible to become a member, a company must be a;
  • Manufacture surface coatings and inks
  • Supply or offer services in raw materials, resins, polymers, pigments and pigment dispersions, packaging, distributors of coatings, equipment, application accessories and technical consultation.
  • Paint retail outlet and
  • Painting Contractor
  • Must adhere to South African ethical practices
  • Must adhere to the SAPMA Code of Conduct, Code of Practice and its Constitution
  • POPI Act