Surface Coatings Employers' Association

Surface Coatings Employers Association - Overview

The Surface Coatings Industry Employers Association was registered in terms of the Labour Relations Act to promote and protect the interests of all companies in the surface coatings industry at an industrial relations level. 5 Reasons to subscribe to the “Surface Coatings Employers Association” today! We offer the following benefits to support you, the employer: 1. Promote & protect the collective interests of members within the surface coatings industry 2. Facilitate relationships between organised labour & employers within the coatings industry 3. Members are represented at the National Bargaining Council for the Chemical Industries in respect of: - Terms & conditions of employment - Minimum wages - Industrial Relations issues - Dispute resolution - Council processes & administration 4. Regular employment law updates & dissemination of information regarding latest labour developments & updates 5. Members are also represented on the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority (CHIETA) in respect of Skills Development issues By becoming a member, you have the advantage of: 1. Becoming part of the organised business through the Chemical Industry 2. Having access to relevant information and industry updates, which could impact directly on your business operations 3. Feedback on relevant developments at governmental and parliamentary level, giving members advance warning of new legislation and legal requirements and how to adjust to it. 4. Implementing fair trading practices within the surface coatings industry 5. Having the opportunity to strategise & network with other parties within the industry 6. Having direct access to education and learnership opportunities offered by CHIETA (Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority)